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DRC Vajrakilaya Retreat Registration (12/1~3/2017)

直貢寶法林將於12月1至3日舉行(普巴金剛)閉關,由阿闍黎 圖登尼瑪喇嘛主持。普巴金剛為金剛薩垛的憤怒尊,在藏傳佛教修法中是主要的本尊,幫助修行者消災、除障,請大家踴躍透報名。閉關由星期五晚上的灌頂點開始 至星期日下午約6點圓滿。參加本次閉關者應先接受12/1的灌頂或在過去已經領受其他上師的普巴間剛灌頂。洛杉磯法友星期五晚上可以回家 然後在星期六早上8:30報到.


DRC will host a Vajrakilaya retreat from 12/1-3. Vajrakilaya is the wrathful form of Vajrasattva, the most important practice to purify karma. Vajrakilaya is a powerful practice to purify karma and remove obstacles, please join us for this retreat.

Here is the tentative schedule:

12/1 (Fri) 7:00PM-9:00PM
Vajrakilaya empowerment by Ven. Lama Thupten Nima.

12/2 (Sat) 8:30AM Registration and sign-in, practice around the clock, including taking shifts at night.

12/3 (Sun)
Vajrakilaya practice and Tsok offering in the afternoon, the retreat will end around 6pm.

The retreat will be a silent retreat and participants will take vegetarian food and sleep at the temple on Saturday night. Participants have to receive empowerment on 12/1 or have to have received Vajrakilaya empowerment in the past. In addition, participants will take shift to practice from Saturday night to Sunday morning. The fee is $85 for the weekend, including tuition, food, indoor camping, and offering to Lama. If anyone has financial hardship, please contribute at the level comfortable. We also welcome sponsors to help with the expense of the event.

Click link below to register:
>>Registation Form


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